My name is Ursula Wren. At the time of writing, I am living in Asheville, NC, with a beautiful little family that consists of myself, my domestic partner, and our two babies: Mo (A large, goofy Doberman) and Luna (The Femmepress; Our black cat).

The town I was born in, along the western border of central Georgia, was once home to a mill that produced tires. My family's history is tangled up in that town, and that mill, in a knot I don't feel it's necessary to fumble with at present. Suffice it to say that my rural, southern, working-class background permeates my very bones; It is with both a reverence for these working people and distrust of their reactionary conditioning that I create my work.

I write prose, poems, and code. I draw or paint when the fancy strikes me, I'm an avid photographer, and I've been a member of several bands who followed the punk tradition of being as irritating to their fans as possible. One thing that I am learning about myself - that you, as a hypothetical reader of this blog, will also come to know about me, I imagine - is that I do a lot of things. Many of them, I'm unhappy to report, I do not do particularly well. But my muse is a fluid one, and if I don't follow her where she takes me, I'm afraid I might lose her altogether.

Underpinning every piece of work I create is the philosophy of liberation. I believe that a better world is possible and that there is a future in which nobody is subject to the hierarchical cruelty of patriarchy, white supremacy, cis-heteronormativity, carnism, or their ultimate culmination: Capitalism. That makes me a utopian anarchist - and proudly so.

What more can I say about myself? I hope the rest will become evident to both you and me through the work I post here.

Thank you for joining me in this process.